Yutaka started his career as a copywriter at Dentsu, Tokyo in 1996, and he sucked from the scratch. He was secretly awarded one of the worst 10 creatives in Dentsu for 5 consecutive years, which he didn’t even know.

He started working for Japan Football Association to get a ticket for 2002 World Cup Soccer held in Japan. He paid 1,300 dollars for a match, that ended up with the first win of Japan National Team in the World Cup. This proves he had no sense of money.

After staying in Dentsu for 9 years and receiving some awards for the works he didn’t contribute much, he was sent to Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Miami, as a part of a exchange program. The rumor said he was expelled from Tokyo, because he sucked.

After 6 months of experience in CP+B, he got hired as a senior copywriter even though he wasn’t fluent in English. Of course he’s sucked there, again, but fortunately, at CP+B, there is no other bad creatives, so he’s kind of loved by others only because of his rarity. And as a target of other creative's outlet of frustlation, he always has black eyes.