To be honest with you, I don’t hate him as others do. I’m from Kobe, where he’s originally from, so I kind of know who he really is. Don't get me wrong. He’s not a good person at all. But he isn’t a douche bag, either. He’s just a poser. Actually he knows he’s not so talented. So I don’t want to blame him to act like a creative when he isn’t. He’s just living in a dream. Yeah, he’s a dreamer, maybe. I directed one of the spots I’m showing here. The better one. He made (as long as he believed) some spots in Japan, and I think these two are the easiest ones to understand for people outside of Japan, if at all.

Daisuke Shibata
Job Title
Film Director
Relation Worked together
Hatred 42.8%
Comment He's a poser
Evidence #1 : "The one" TV spot
Evidence #2 : "Fran Noir" TV spot