I’m the person who taught Yutaka how to create ads, so apparently I made a huge mistake. I apologize to everyone who suffered from his sucking so badly. I shouldn’t even have let him be a creative. Only excuse I can deploy is that he used to be better. A bit, though. He was slightly funnier, sincerer, and maybe a bit more talented. But one day he said he had been contacted by an alien from outer space, then he became a different person. Anyway, this is the last job I did with him before he was abuducted by an alien. You might say he’s still not talented enough. And if you do, I have to agree.

Takuya Isojima
Job Title
Creative Director
Relation Taught Yutaka
Hatred 66.6%
Comment He used to be better
singing tower
Evidence #1: Singing Tower Video
Evidence #2: Singing Tower Campaign Structure Board