I worked with Yutaka for a little less than a year as a partner and I have to conclude that he sucks as a creative. He might be a funny guy in Japan, but unfortunately not here in the U.S., the gene pool of the funniest in the world. For example, take a look at these TV spots. Crispin created 3 X-box games for Burger King to sell at 7,200 restaurants, which ends up with a huge sucess with over 3 million copies sold, but when you watch the spots, you can smell his weird sense of humor. When i saw our lovely King crashing into the ground in one spot, i couldn’t stop crying, but next moment I noticed Yutaka was laughing and fully enjoying the painful disaster. I’m pretty sure he must have some serious problem in his childhood. I just can’t forget the smile he had that day. Jack Nicholson's smile in the Shining after his getting insane may feel heartwarming compared with Yutaka's.
Keith Scott
Job Title
Art Director
Relation Ex-Partner
Hatred 89%
Comment He sucks as hell
king games
Evidence: 2BK X-BOX TV-Spots "Jump" and "Bumper car"
Supporting Evidence : Integrated Campaign Video for award shows (CAUTION :Yutaka did NOT create any of these games, but you can see what the games are like)