I worked with him for some clients not because he’s talented as a creative but because he’s an ass-kisser. I think he’s really talented as an entourage. He always made me happy. As a creative, though,  I have to say he’s a little less than okay. When we worked with him for this new tobacco product targeted for young adults, we talked about what’s important to appeal them and we concluded that all we needed was a cool product rather than a cool ad. I mean, I talked and concluded that while he kept nodding. Do I think he had a critical role for this campaign? Of course, no. Do I think he suck? Fuck, yeah.

Koichi Sawada
Job Title
Senior Creative Director
Relation Ex-Boss
Hatred 55%
Comment I'm a man
Evidence #1 : Hope Menthol Ad Sleeve Campaign Structure Board
Evidence #2 : Hope Super Light Ad Sleeve Campaign Structure Board