Yutaka is the biggest scumbag I've ever been around. He stinks. I know all the ideas he has “come up with” are something he ripped off from weird ads in Japan. You know Japan is a crazy country, so there is tons of weird shit he steals from. It pisses me off because our creative directors here think it's funny but don't take us seriously. They think, "Oh, there's that crazy Japanese guy and his partner again." Of course I don’t have any real evidence of him stealing ads, but I do know he's Japanese, so he's sneaky. I can just sense it. These BKUK ads are pretty good though. I just had to take over the project, reject all of his crazy Japanese ideas and turn in all of mine, which is why this came out great. Somehow it became a “collaboration” with a famous photographer, but not a rip off at all. Never. The other one is something we couldn't sell to the client. I assume Yutaka likes this beacuse he also has some problem in his marriage. That's how he sucks.

Patrick Horn
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Art Director
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Hatred 126%
Comment He's a biggest douche
burger buddies
Evidence 1 : BK Burger Buddies Outdoor ads
Evidence 2 : Haggar Print Ads (CAUTION : These are NOT sold to the clients)