I sold my lovely ’65 Beetle to Yutaka because he was so into it. He shipped it to Colorado, that’s when he started to destroy it. I saw the car everytime I visited Colorado office, but I never saw it in the great condition it used to be in. Next time I saw it a month later, it was missing a hub cap. Second time I saw it, there was no front passenger seat. (What is he doing with my baby? Carrying a dead body or something?) Third time I saw it, well, I couldn't see it because it  was sitting in a shop’s garage. I asked him why and he was like “Yeah, I blew up the engine.”........... In short, he sucks because he killed that beautiful car. I hate him. I'm glad to see the formation of this group and if you're looking to hold elections of any sort, I'd like to volunteer myself for treasurer or something to do with the finances.

Paul Keister
Job Title
Creative Director
Relation Ex-Owner of his Beetle
Hatred 1279%
Comment I sold my Beetle to a devil.
Evidence : Pictures of destroyed Beetle