I didn’t know Yutaka in person, but I heard how he sucks from my friend who had been his partner. One of the worst storeis I heard is about this Jetta website. Personally I have no idea what this is. You pick up a color, rims, and other options to make your own Jetta, and then you totally mess up the exact car you have just made. It’s just terribly crazy. But he is a bigger douche bag than that. I heard he came up with the original campaign idea but messed up the scripts, so his Creative Director gave it to another writer. Of course his English must have been bad enough. But I'm really disgusted with a guy who never stands up for his right. Very very Japanese in a bad way. In another word, a chicken. Yes, he sucks as a person before sucking as a creative.


Sasha Benjamin
Job Title
House wife
Relation Friend of his old partner
Hatred 99%
Comment He's just a coward
jetta configurator
safe happens
Evidence: VW Jetta "Safe Happens" configurator website video
Supporting Evidence : Integrated Campaign Video for "Safe happens" campaign (CAUTION: Yutaka did NOT produce other medias beside web)