I have worked with Yutaka as a Creative Director. I think his weakest point is the lack of ability to create a cool TV spot. He could be okay when he works on a bigger campaign idea, but when it comes to a TV execution, he sucks. He is trying too hard to be extreme. Here are two proofs. The Truth spot caused 3 police cars and 1 ambulance to show up at the location, which was a pure disaster. The other BK spot makes me wonder why these girls are so violent and brutal. I think he should have been grown up. But he failed to be an adult at some point in his life. I really hate to give a bad name to someone, but he does suck. I don't know other words to describe him.

Tom Adams
Job Title
Creative Director
Relation Ex-Colleague
Hatred 84%
Comment I woudn't hire him
Evidence #1 : truth TV spot "Garbage Can"
Evidence #2 : BK TV spot "Rut Cracker"