I’m a sales lady working in Tokyo. I don’t know who Yutaka is, but if he is the guy who ruined my idol, Tokyo Tower, I hate him from my heart. I could even kill him if I knew him in person. I’m driving around in downtown Tokyo all the day to visit my customers. Everytime I feel tired, I gaze up at the most beautiful and iconic construction. One night, I was so depressed with one of the clients, and I looked up to find the red and white tower always relieved me. Then, you know, I found, oh… I don’t even want to talk about it. Just look at this video to know how I got disgusted. This guy sucks as hell. Can you imagine Chicago bulls are playing with a blue jersy? That's what he did.

Yayoi Shimada
Job Title
Sales Manager
Relation None
Hatred 99%
Comment I will never forgive him
Evidence #1 : "Paint It Blue" Video
Evidence #2 : "Paint It Blue" Campaign Structure Board